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Pulse check: 2023 Market Outlooks

At the start of the year, Blue Owl’s executive leadership team released market outlooks across our three platforms – Credit, GP Strategic Capital, and Real Estate, identifying key themes and opportunities for the year ahead. As markets have continued to evolve, we've kept a close eye on these themes and are thrilled to share an update with our 2023 Market Outlook Pulse Checks.

These outlooks offer our unique insights and perspectives on the market backdrop of the year thus far and how Blue Owl’s strategies are purpose-built to perform in such times - strategies that seek to provide consistent income, principal preservation, and a hedge against volatility and inflation. Click the buttons below to read more.

Watch now: 2023 Market Outlook Pulse Checks

Sean Connor, President of Global Private Wealth at Blue Owl, sat down with the leaders of Blue Owl's Credit, GP Capital Solutions and Real Estate platforms to check in on key themes and opportunities in their respective markets.

  • Credit session featuring Craig W. Packer Co-President of Blue Owl Capital and Head of the Credit platform 
  • GP Strategic Capital session featuring Sean Ward Senior Managing Director of Blue Owl Capital
  • Real Estate session featuring Marc Zahr Co-President of Blue Owl Capital and Head of the Real Estate platform

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